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When ordering parts for your Mantis 2-cycle tiller, you may need to locate the SV number of your engine. The SV number is located between the gas tank & the carburetor, behind the gas line, on a black and silver tab on the silver engine housing. It will consist of the letters "SV," a number and another letter.
Examples: SV4A, SV4B1E.


Here's how to check or replace the Fuel Strainer.

The fuel strainer allows a steady flow of clean fuel to go to the carburetor by straining out any sediment that has entered the fuel tank. It is located inside the fuel tank and can be accessed by removing the fuel tank lid and pulling out the fuel line through the fill hole.The strainer should be changed whenever it is hard to the touch or creases to allow fuel to reach the carburetor.

Stale fuel will shorten the life of the fuel strainer!

The Muffler Screen is also known as the Spark Arrestor. It is a small screen layered within the muffler system in accordance with current EPA requirements. This screen is in place to catch all burned off carbon deposits.
By virtue of the parts function, it can get clogged with the same carbon deposits it is created to catch. Once clogged, the screen must be cleaned or replaced for efficient operation of the engine.
Do not clean Spark Arrestor with anything flammable!
If your engine bogs down under a full load, your muffler screen (spark arrestor) may be clogged and not allowing the engine to breathe properly.
Additionally, if you find the starter rope hard to pull, it could be because the muffler screen (spark arrestor) is clogged.
Directions for cleaning the muffler screen for your specific engine can be found in your owner's manual. Here are some basic instructions:
  • Lift engine off of the transmission by loosening the brass colored screw located at the base
    of the clutch case.
  • Remove the spark plug.
  • Remove the red cylinder cover.
  • Remove the muffler cap.
  • The muffler screen (spark arrestor) will be layered beneath the muffler cap
  • Clean or replace the muffler screen (spark arrestor) with carburetor cleaner, using a soft brush
    Note: If the screen remains plugged after attempts at cleaning it, it must be replaced
  • Reassemble the muffler, the cylinder cover, and replace the engine onto the transmission